BCS championship

I have to say at a 42-7 lead by Alabama that this game is over. ND had a great season and I can’t say anything bad about them. I will say that they had multiple things working in their favor.

They had a moth+ in between this game and their last game. You will lose momentum you have built up throughout the yr. now I know you say hey Alabama is the same way, but in their case they have better talent on their team. They have Been through this last yr. they know what to expect with all the hype. They are just overall bigger, faster, and more physical. ND did a lot for their team by getting to the Championship game. 1. They have been added to the top choices of some of the top recruits. 2. They have a taste in their mouth they want to get rid of. ND fans this is the first of many top 5 finish for your team in near and distant future. Alabama fans don’t worry your in the SEC so not much will change for you. That conference is loaded with talent and teams who are good enough to make it a SEC playoff when that takes effect.

This was a good game to watch, learned a lot about each team.

Thank you,