My History (Bio)

Hey guys & girls

I want to start by introducing myself. My name is Kyle and I’m from Rochester,NY. If you don’t know where that is I will let you know it’s not by NYC. I love all kinds of sports, baseball, hockey, football,basketball. I played sports all through HS and even continued on into college yrs, clearly I didn’t make it anywhere big because I’m here writing this :).

Things I will write about:

-anything you want me to
-baseball (Boston Red Sox)
-Football (New England Patriots)
-Hockey (Sabres and their farm team the Rochester Amerks)

Now I do want everyone to know that it’s not just specific teams I will write about.

why I am starting a blog?

I was reading twitter and I kept seeing fan/haters write about thing they don’t know like the rules, and just hating teams because they are not their team. I am a huge advocate in likening the sport more than a specific team but I do root for my teams. I’m here to give a fans perspective on the teams and news going around the sports world… I understand there is ESPN, and the teams home page but its not a fans perspective, someone who will look at the positives and negatives not just the positives.

So I do hope you take the time and read my blog.

Please my email is lease send me comments, topics, and or fan mail.

Thank you,



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